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3 Alternatives to ContentSnare and Why You Should Give Them a Try

Alternatives to ContentSnare

Gathering and preparing content for a website project is the most important thing you’ll do in the planning phase of your site. It can be an enjoyable part of the creative process, but it brings stress. Finding the right content-gathering platform can transform a headache project into an easy one.

Here’s our list of the best ContentSnare alternatives for 2023:

1. GatherKit

Pricing: Free – But you can upgrade to more premium features.

Why it’s awesome: It’s the best ContentSnare alternative overall (but we are a little biased). GatherKit is a free content management tool for agencies and freelancers, helping make web projects organized and stress-free. The best thing about GatherKit is that it is made specifically for the web development process. So there is no wasted time getting started with your client on this professional platform.

GatherKit allows you to put the content per page per project. First, you have to make a kit (aka, a project), then you can add a page with whatever content you can imagine. Our content workflow tracks the approval process – from the draft to the final stage. Invite your team and client to get on the same page in the project. You can assign content, monitor due dates, and comment on content to keep the process moving.

Plan where your pages live in the main navigation, footer navigation, and more with Sitemap and navigation features. Also, you can get 500MB file storage for GatherKit free account, so you can use our feature as long as you want.


Pricing: Free. Notion’s paid plans start from $5 per month (less for annual). For teams, the price starts at $8 per user per month.

Why it’s awesome: Notion is another content collection tool with a wide range of collaboration and productivity tools for content teams. Notion provides a simple and easy-to-use text editor for creating content. It has basic elements, formatting options, and blocks for text elements like links, headers, quotes, dividers, and callouts. Within each Notion page, you can upload photos and documents easily. But because Notion is such a blank canvas, you may need to create your own web flow and content collection process. Also, many features are unavailable in the free plan, so users may need to buy the paid plan.


Pricing: Narrato provides four plans – Free, Pro, Business, and Custom. The paid plans start from $8 per user per month.

Why it’s awesome: Narrato is the perfect alternative to Content Snare if you want a content marketing platform. Narrato is equipped with content editor with AI content optimization tools. The grammar checker tool offers contextual suggestions on grammar and spelling errors. In Narrato, you can create your own content workflow that matches with the content production process.

There are custom user roles with access control for adding your team to the workspace. You can add freelancers and manage their payments on Narrato as well. If you need a custom template, Narrato lets you build a library of content templates, such as templates for blog posts, social media content, emails, website copy, and other formats in your content strategy.

Plenty of services like ContentSnare are out there, and we’ve found a good mix of free and paid products to fit anyone’s budget.


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Sep 30, 2023
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Sep 30, 2023
4 Minutes Read

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