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5 Reasons GatherKit for Web Agencies

GatherKit for Web Agencies

You’ve successfully grown beyond a one-man show. You are already fluent in unifying many people around one common goal. But that doesn’t mean that the challenges still don’t exist.

One challenge for small web design and development agencies is managing clients and their expectations. It can be hard to keep them on the same page, especially during the content creation process. And when you have a larger team, you have to make sure that each person in each stage is communicating clearly with the next.

GatherKit is built for small creative teams in mind. We want to make your job easier when collecting content, keeping clients on track, and keeping all information easy to find for all parties. 

Five ways GatherKit for web agencies:

1. Buy back your time.

You might be juggling a lot of balls. GatherKit helps automate the onboarding process so you have more time to be creative and get more clients.

2. GatherKit helps you look more professional. 

By giving the client a private hub, you look more organized, with a strong process already in place.

3. Be a partner, not an order taker. 

With a solid process in place, the client won’t overstep and tell you how to do things. You can invite them into your established process already in place.  

4. Reduce your stress with clear organization.

Avoid that dreaded feeling of forgetting something and looking unprofessional in front of your client. 

5. Pay as you grow.

We built GatherKit for growing agencies. We don’t force you into a monthly subscription you might not use. Pay for more features when you need them. When you don’t, archive the project to stop payment.

GatherKit can be used for any web agency project you might have. It’s 100% free with no contract or commitment. Try GatherKit today and see how it can improve your content gathering process.


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Sep 30, 2023
4 Minutes Read

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