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5 Ways to Make More Money in Your Web Business

5 Ways to Make More Money in Your Web Business

You’re running a website business, but the money just isn’t coming in. Or maybe you are grinding month to month, not getting ahead. Or you want to attract higher-paying clients. Either way, it’s time to make more money.

If you’re looking for ways to make more money in your web business, these are our five approaches that are sure-fire winners.

1. Charge more

The easiest solution is to increase your prices. Right now. Today. With every new client, increase your price until you get resistance. With older, long-term clients, you will have to announce price changes slowly. We recommend announcing the shift clearly, without over explaining, and with advance notice. The most important thing when communicating a price increase to your long-term clients is that you show value.

2. Build your client base 

You can also make more by getting more clients, especially retained clients in your web business. We know this is sometimes easier said than done. Start with your current clients and create a marketing plan that allows you to continue contacting them. This could be through newsletters, checking in with them, sending gifts, or sending content that might be helpful to them. For new clients, work on diversifying your lead generation between cold outreach, warm contacts, and hot referrals.

3. Expand your services

If you design and build websites, consider finding partners who complement your services, like copywriters, logo designers, videographers, iconographers, and so on. You can also learn and offer strategy sessions to help them find solutions to their brand challenges. Then if your client comes to you with a problem beyond websites, you are already positioned to help. Mark up the services and manage the other people who work with you.

4. Increase your value

Without increasing value in your web business, there are always ways you can give your customers more than they expected. This could be giving really good project management, weekly check-in phone calls, increased access to you to ask more questions, and so on. Whatever you do now, ask yourself, what can you do better to make the experience smoother for your client? (GatherKit might also be able to help increase your value by making the content collection process easier.)

5. Automate your process

Anything done more than once should be automated. If you can save yourself time, you can get more projects done faster. Pre-write your emails for your process. Create templates in your project management software that are easily duplicated for each new project. (GatherKit can help you save time during the content collection process since the system is already planned for the client.)

Most web business entrepreneurs are aware that our industry is full of disruptive growth opportunities, but not many know how to take advantage of them. It’s always possible to mix things up and try new strategies, but these five ideas are by far some of the easiest ways to generate more income with just a few changes.



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