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Building Strong Call to Actions (CTA)

build strong CTA

You should have a good idea of what your one main goal for the site is. This goes without saying when building effective webpages, especially funnel and landing pages.

Primary vs Secondary

When we build build websites, we always plan it with two goals for the call-to-actions: the primary CTA and the secondary CTA. The primary CTA will be the main goal that your clients needs from the website, like contact, donate, buy, subscribe, and so on. The primary CTA is most likely the one where you are asking for money or time from your user. The secondary CTA is the baby step to build trust with your user. This could be easier asks, like join our newsletter, join us on social media, or share with your friends.

Visually, the two call-to-actions should look different. When users notice similar element in the UI, they understand it as a pattern. This is why it is so important for primary buttons to look the same on every page. In the group of “similar” elements, we tend to focus on objects with the similarity of colors first, then size, then shape. Create a clear action hierarchy just by making primary and secondary actions different.

The simple strong CTA checklist

To build strong call-to-actions throughout the webpage, make sure there are an appropriate amount of CTAs on each page and that each page funnels the user in the direction we want them to go. Keep in mind:

  • Create every page with one clear action in mind you want your visitors to take. Use direct language that explains what they will see. For example, links and buttons with “more info” is vague. “Learn about our process” is specific and clear.
  • All buttons should be short and understandable.
  • Each page has a clear call-to-action at the end of the page
  • Each page has the primary and secondary call-to-actions in the page
  • Encourage minor actions throughout the page, like sharing or learning more

As time passes, check the website’s analytics to see if your call-to-actions are working the way you intend them too. Perfection takes practice and refinement. Don’t be afraid to try new things to make the journey easier for your users!


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