A 2-minute Tour of GatherKit: Your Ultimate Content Collection Tool

A 2-minute tour of gatherkit

In the world of web projects, content collection can often feel like a headache. GatherKit is here to help you gather and organize content. No more scattered emails, lost files, or endless follow-ups. With its intuitive interface, content gathering becomes easy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – crafting exceptional web experiences. We’re […]

Our Co-Founder Published a New Book: The Web Project Playbook

Lauren Kay The Web Project Playbook

We’re pleased to share some exciting news with you today. Our co-founder, Lauren Kay, has recently released her latest work, The Web Project Playbook. This book serves as a pragmatic guide, offering valuable insights for web creators to navigate their projects and achieve exceptional outcomes effectively. In the world of web development, we’ve all encountered […]

Development Notes: GatherKit is live… and free until September!

gatherkit full version is live

We are excited to announce the launch of GatherKit, a free content management tool for agencies and freelancers, helping make web projects organized and stress-free. We’ve been working on it in beta for almost 2 years and can finally push it live to the world! Our latest version has: Ability to collect content, track approvals, […]

New course launch: The Complete Guide to Web Project Management!

web project management course

We are so excited to announce that our co-founder has launched a course for budding web designers and web developers called The Complete Guide to Web Project Management. We have all been there. You’re on the ‘nth revision and the client is frustrated. The web project was supposed to be done months ago but the […]

What is in GatherKit Beta?

GatherKit beta logo

We have some exciting news to share, and we wanted you to be the first to know. In a few days, we’ll be launching the GatherKit beta! In the meantime, we thought you might like to get to know GatherKit a little better. So, what is in GatherKit beta? Collect and manage pages together: Easily assign […]

Welcome to the World, GatherKit

Welcome to the World, GatherKit!

Today we are launching our very first iteration of a content collection site called GatherKit. It is a simple content gathering and asset gathering SAAS web tool for small web development agencies and freelance web developers who want to up their game without becoming a project manager. Your client is hiring you as a professional […]