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Collecting content for web projects shouldn't give you gray hair.

Gathering content is one of the biggest challenges to finishing web projects on time. But it doesn’t have to be. GatherKit creates a system to make your web project organized and stress-free. Coming November 2021.

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Finish more projects. Make more money.

Getting on the same page as your client saves you time, money, and heartache. With GatherKit, we not only help you collect everything you need for your web project, but make each step of the process clear.

GatherKit Content Gathering for Web Developers

Collect & manage page content together

Easily assign pages, manage deadlines, and track the approval process to make sure your project stays on track.

GatherKit Drag and Drop Navigation Planner

Drag & drop visual site map builder

Get clear approvals from your client on the actual header & footer navigations to avoid unnecessary revisions.

GatherKit collect photos

Collect all media & documents

Organize photos, logos, PDFs, and videos without worrying about sharing permissions or lost emails.

GatherKit project scope

Align on project details

Websites are more than just content. GatherKit can be a centralized hub for all project info, like the scope, goals, creative brief and design inspiration.

GatherKit secure password collection for web projects

Collect important passwords & codes

Securely collect important passwords, code snippets, and iframes in one place so you don’t need to keep asking during development. (Coming 2022)

Miscommunication breeds delays.

Between multiple emails with important images floating around, losing passwords, and sharing docs without the right permissions, gathering content can get frustrating fast. We’re all about avoiding pain and stress.

GatherKit dashboard web content project manager

Get a snapshot at the overall progress of all projects, content audits & approvals to avoid unnecessary revisions

Gatherkit website page content landing page

Assign pages to other team members, manage deadlines and approvals to finish projects on time

Delight clients with smoother onboarding.

Not sure how to charge more money without adding more services? Just create more value. Our kits are built to be an onboarding process for your clients to immediately get started on their web project. You don’t have to be a content manager or a project manager to succeed in running a smooth web development project.

GatherKit for web developers
GatherKit for web designers

Built for freelancers, solopreneurs & small agencies.

Build by web designers and developers, for web designers and developers. We know exactly what you have to ask for to make a website live. We’ve asked for the same stuff at our web agency hundreds of times before.

With GatherKit, we reduce the time to create a smooth onboarding process so you can spend more time being creative and growing your business.

GatherKit for web designers
GatherKit for web designers
GatherKit for web designers

Launching end of 2021

Join us in the launch of GatherKit and delight your clients with an easy content collection hub.

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