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Development Notes: GatherKit is live… and free until September!

gatherkit full version is live

We are excited to announce the launch of GatherKit, a free content management tool for agencies and freelancers, helping make web projects organized and stress-free. We’ve been working on it in beta for almost 2 years and can finally push it live to the world!

Our latest version has:

  1. Ability to collect content, track approvals, assign pages out, and assign due dates
  2. Ability to comment on content in progress
  3. Ability to lock content after full approvals to prevent clients from making more “tweaks”
  4. Track and revert content versions
  5. Organize media and documents
  6. Link to external media folders (if you don’t want to manually move images from one online platform to another)
  7. Basic Site Map builder + approval status
  8. Design link manager + approval status
  9. URL redirect manager
  10. A central notes area, including a Scope of Work, Creative Brief, and more

We invite you to try GatherKit today and see how it can help you manage your client’s website content. Our platform is easy to use, intuitive, and affordable, with flexible pricing plans that meet your needs. (And even better – for the next couple of months, our premium kits are completely free!)

Get started today with a free kit at


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