About GatherKit Pricing Plans

GatherKit has three plan options, available to be paid monthly. Only active kits (kits being actively used and not archived) are billed.

You can create up to three kits for free. Then, if you need more pages, features, or users, you can always upgrade the kit. The pricing only increases on that kit, so you can always control the features you need with your budget.

Our three plan options are:

  • Free forever – Every account is allowed up to three active kits. These are limited to 10 pages, 500MB of storage, and two users per kit. Free kits cannot be archived.
  • Simple – Allows up to 30 pages, 2GB of storage, and five users per kit. Archived simple kits will be automatically deleted after 3 months.
  • Professional – Allows unlimited pages, up to 10GB of storage, and unlimited users per kit. Archived professional kits will be automatically deleted after 12 months.

Monthly Plans

Monthly plans are great for growing solopreneurs and agencies who have inconsistent projects coming in. It’s the best way to only pay for what you need when you need it.

If you pay monthly, you will pay for the entire month upfront for the active kit of your choice. If you cancel your payment or archive the kit, you can continue to use that kit until the end of that billing cycle. After that time, the kit will automatically move to Archive, and you can no longer edit it.

If you need to continue to edit your kit, you will need to move it from the Archive and re-enable billing.

Yearly Plans

We do not have yearly plans at this time. However, if you need something like this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

More questions about plans

What can I do with archived kits?
You can still access, read, and download from archive kits. You cannot make any edits though.

What happens when the archive time expires?
Archived kits are automatically deleted after a time. Free kits cannot be archived, only deleted. Simple kits are archived for three months, and professional kits remain on your archived list for up to a year. You can always download the complete kit to keep it in your own backups.

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