Archive or Unarchive a Kit

Archive a Kit

When you finish a project, you can choose to archive the kit. This is a great way to reduce clutter and billing.

Why archive a kit?

While you cannot edit archived kits, you can still access, read, and download them. Since we do not charge your archived kits, archiving kits are a great option to keep them as a backup. Keep in mind, archived kits will be automatically removed after some time, depending on the kit type. Simple kits are archived for 3 months, and professional kits remain on your archived list for up to a year. Of course, you can always download the complete kit to keep it in your own backup.

How to archive a kit?

To archive the kit, go to your main dashboard, where you can see all of your Kits.

To the right of the Kit name, click on 3-dot icon. (Note: You can only archive Kits you own).


Click on the Archive Kit button and confirm your action.

How to unarchive a kit?

To access your archived kits, click on the Archived Kits tab on the top left of your main dashboard.

To unarchive a Kit, click on 3-dot icon to the right of the Kit name.

Click Unarchive from the dropdown and confirm. If there was billing required for the Kit, the system will prompt you to confirm restarting billing.

Afterward, the Kit will move back into Active Kits.

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