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Create and Edit Pages

Create and Edit Pages

Creating a new page

Inside your Kit, in Pages in the sidebar, you can quickly create a new page by clicking on the New Page button in the top right corner.


Name the page and click Create Page.

Editing Pages

To edit your pages, open a page by clicking on its title.

You can start adding all details in the text area below the toolbar. The system autosaves every 3 seconds of inactivity and alerts you in the top bar to let you know that your work has been saved.

Editing Page Titles

To edit your page titles, open a page by clicking on its title.

From the Page details view, simply click on the Title and update it. It will autosave after you finish editing and click off.

Alternatively, from Pages, you can click on the 3-dot icon and in the dropdown, select Rename. Edit your title and click the button Rename to save.

Know the Editor Buttons

Let’s get familiar with our editor buttons and what you can do with your content:

  • Style Dropdown: Your text is normal by default, but with this editor, you can choose your text style based on your needs. We provide Headings, Code Block, and Quote Block.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough: Help to emphasize your text. You can also use the standard keyboard shortcut (e.g ctrl+b on Windows or cmd+b on Mac for bold)
  • Bullet, Numbering, Checklist: Create a stylized list with our editor. Making a hyphen (-) and then press the spacebar to automatically create a bullet list.
  • Horizontal Rule: Create a separating horizontal line, perfect for making sections.
  • Indent and Outdent: Add or remove an amount of space at the beginning of a text line. Use tab for indent shortcut, and shift+tab for outdent shortcut.
  • Text Color: Change your text color.
  • Text Background Color: Change your text background color.
  • Text Alignment: Adjust your text alignment.
  • Remove Formatting: Remove all formatting on selected text. Best way to remove text or text background colors.

When you select your text, an in-line editor will appear. The in-line editor lets you apply Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, or remove your text formatting quickly. Additionally, you can also Comment and Link after highlighting desired text. Learn more on Leaving a Comment


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