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Leaving Comments on a Page

GatherKit simplifies content collaboration, making it easy for you to work together. It offers various features, including the ability to leave comments for content discussion and mention specific individuals to ensure they receive notifications.

How to View Comments

To view all comments, simply click on the word that is highlighted in green. A comment popup will appear.


Alternatively, you can click on the comment icon at the top right of the screen. This will open the comment sidebar and you can browse all comments there.

How to Leave a Comment

In your Page content, highlight the text you want to leave your comments on.

An in-line editor bubble will appear, click on the comment icon.

Type in your comment. If you want to alert someone, be sure to type @theirname. Click the Send button.

How to Edit or Delete Your Comment

Sent a wrong comment? Don’t worry – you can always edit or delete your comment.

Click on the word where you left your comment to open the comment popup.

Find the comment you want to edit or delete. On the top right corner of your comment in the comment popup, click on the pencil icon to edit your comment.

Click send to confirm your edit.

You can also delete your comment by clicking on the trash icon in the top right corner of your comment.

What to Do If the Comment is Resolved

When you are done with a discussion, you can click on the checkmark icon on the first comment to mark it as resolved.

Resolved comments can be accessed from the comment sidebar. Click on the comment icon in the top right-handed corner of the page content screen to open the comment sidebar.

On the top right of the comment sidebar, click the dropdown and choose Resolved Comments. You can reactivate the comment by clicking the Unresolved icon on the top right of each comment.

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