Managing Approvals

In the process of creating a website, the design progress might not be perfectly linear with your content progress. So, you can set the progress status for the design link separately from the content status to keep the process clear and organized.

To set your design status, click on the circle on the left of the design title. Choose the desired status title from the dropdown.

Representation of tags:

How you decide to use the tags is up to you and your client. Within our agency, we explain each process like this:

  • Not Used: This is when the design is not used, but still linked as a reference.
  • In Progress: This is when the item is actively being worked on.
  • Ready for Review: This is when the item is done and ready for someone’s review. This could be between you and the client or the client and another person on their team.
  • In Review: This is when the item is actively being reviewed, either by your team or the client.
  • Revision Needed: After the review process and you or your client think there are a few tweaks needed.
  • Approved: This is when you and your client are happy with the item and it is ready to be developed.

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