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Progress Status for Pages

To keep track of the progress of each Page, we have created a Status selector. Feel free to use this Progress Status in whatever works best for you and your clients. There are currently five statuses:

  • Draft – Editable. Great for starting new pages, planning content, getting notes in, and writing rough copy.
  • In Progress – Editable. Best for when content is being worked on, but not ready for final review.
  • Review – Editable. Good for indicating when you want the client to review the content.
  • Approved – Perfect for full approvals from the client. The content is locked to prevent changes. To allow editing access, simply go back to in Progress or Review. (This prevents small edits from sneaking in during design or development phases without anyone tracking the changes.)
  • Published – Content locked. Good for when the content has moved from GatherKit into a prototype or live website.

When you change the status of a page, GatherKit automatically makes a new Version, locking in the old version at that point in its history. GatherKit also documents who approved that status and when, in case you need documented approvals from your clients. This is a great way to keep track of progress throughout the web development process.

These status updates also change the color bars on your Main Dashboard and your Kit’s Dashboard. It’s the easiest way to visually track the progress of the web content process.

Changing Page Status

To set a status, from the left sidebar select Pages. Find the Page you want to update and click on the circle icon to the left of its name.


Or, when you are on the Page content itself, from the Status

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