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Email vs. GatherKit: A more collaborative way to collect content

email vs gatherkit

E-mail will always be a helpful communication tool, but it does very little when it comes to teamwork and keeping projects organized. Too many emails from many different clients with long threads can become cluttered and confusing quickly.

We created GatherKit because we know that teams can work better with better tools. GatherKit was built to manage content with multiple people involved to make website projects run smoothly along a clear process. Here’s why GatherKit is better than trying to manage a web development project through email alone:

Collaborate on content
Task assignments
Task deadlines
Organize content hierarchy
Commenting on content
Share with anyone without account
Revision history
Site navigation builder
Collect assets
Save project links and notes
Free kit up to 2 users
File storage
Up to 15GB
Up to 500MB

A breakdown of the features

Easily collaborate on discussion threads

The email you have often get mixed up with any other correspondence from your colleague and all those newsletters you never actually subscribed to. Email chains can go on for pages and pages, quickly splintering off into multiple threads, leaving essential participants from the discussion. 

In GatherKit, you can easily find comments on every page per project while the inbox remains stuck in a cycle of refresh and reply. Invite your team members and your clients into the process. Assign content and monitor due dates to keep the process moving.

GatherKit discussion thread

Use version control to track important revisions

Anyone who has managed a website before knows the pain of getting another email with another attached document. GatherKit reduces that. With our version control, you can save significant changes, working towards the final content together. And when the content is fully approved, the page editor will lock so you can see if your client decides to go backwards in the process.

GatherKit version control

Keep your focus on actual work, not the endless emails you send

Email clutter is overwhelming, and it keeps you frustrated. GatherKit allows you to focus on the projects rather than dealing with back and forth to collect content from email, which will help you to be productive. Track who is responsible for what

GatherKit approval process

Keep all assets and media centralized

No more photos and important documents floating in email attachments. Gather photos, logos, and documents without worrying about managing sharing permission or losing files. You can even link to your client’s external file-sharing service if they don’t want to download and re-upload their assets. Our goal is to keep everything you might need in one place, so you never have to dig again through your email search function.

GatherKit media

Build a visual navigation menu

Because GatherKit is built for web projects, you can create custom navigation structures and even track approvals. As you plan your pages in the Navigation Builder, the pages are automatically created, ready for you to add content. This kind of feature doesn’t exist in the world of email platforms.

GatherKit navigation builder

Keep track of URL redirects

As developers, we know web projects are more than just collecting content. This is impossible to collaborate through email, unless you make a list or send them a link to another spreadsheet. Thankfully, GatherKit already has a section, just for tracking old URLs and mapping them to the new ones.

GatherKit URL

Ready to get started?

GatherKit is a free content management tool for agencies and freelancers, helping make web projects organized and stress-free. Create your account today!


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