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Archive a Kit

When you finish a project, you can choose to archive the kit. This is a great way to reduce clutter from your active projects.


Why archive a kit?

While you cannot edit archived kits, you can still access, read, and download them. Since we do not charge your archived kits, archiving kits is a great option to keep them as a backup. Keep in mind that archived kits will be automatically removed after some time, depending on the kit type. Simple kits are archived for 3 months, and professional kits remain on your archived list for up to a year. Of course, you can always download the complete kit to keep it in your own backup.


How to archive a kit?

Note that you have to be the kit owner to archive a kit.

  • To archive the kit, go to your main dashboard, where you can see all of your kits.
  • In the kits you own, click on 3-dots
  • Click on the archive kit and confirm your action


  • To access your archived kits, click on the Archived tab on the top left of your main dashboard

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