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Build a Site Map

Keeping track and visualizing your site will be easy with our Navigation feature! Here you can build your main navigation, footer and even create custom navigation and build your site map. Let’s start by accessing Navigation from the sidebar!


Get to know our Navigation

At first, you will have two navigation you can work with, Main Navigation and Footer. These can be customized accordingly. If you need more, you can add custom navigation by clicking the Custom Navigation button on the top right or by clicking 3-dots and then clicking Custom Navigation. To move between navigation, you can utilize the sidebar or the switch to section in the 3-dots menu



Start building navigation

Click the Add Item button on the top right. This will open a sidebar with content you already created in Pages. You can drag the pages into navigation and start building your sitemap. This sidebar also allows you to create pages by clicking the New Page button. Doing this will also add your newly created content to the Pages. If you want to add external links or section jumps, you can create Custom Link that is exclusive to Navigation and will NOT be added to Pages.

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