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Design: Adding Design Links

GatherKit keeps track of your page design links so your client can quickly look through each page design and give their approval easily.

Adding Design Links

To add a design link, go to Designs. Then, click on the New Design Link button.

You can rename your design by clicking on the Design title and immediately typing the name you desire

You can add the full design URL by clicking on Add design link here… immediately type or paste the URL

It will autosave after you add your details.

What Can I Do with Design Links?

  • View designs: You can click on the external link icon and it will take you to the links attached in that design
  • Delete design: You can click on the trash icon to delete the design.
  • Edit the original content: Click on the title or the link space to edit.
  • Leave a comment: You can click on chat bubble icon to open conversation sidebar. You can use this feature to leave a comment on the design
  • Setting a status for the design itself: You can click on the circle left-side of the design title to change the status of the design. This is separate from the content status. You or your client can set a status for the design process to keep that organized and moving smoothly.

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