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What Are Progress Tags in Pages?

We allow you and your clients to track the progress on Pages and Design Links. This progress is reflected on each page with color-coded dots to help your team know how far in the project you are.

For each progress status, you will have the option to progress onto the next step by clicking on the Approve button or going back using the Send back button. The person who approves the status will be noted in the progress tag to help you keep track of who is responsible for the work and who approved of what.

Representation of tags:

How you decide to use the tags is up to you and your client. Within our agency, we explain each process like this:

  • Draft: This is when the item is empty or very rough.
  • In Progress: This is when the item is actively being worked on.
  • Review: This is when the item is done and ready for someone’s review. This could be between you and the client or the client and another person on their team. We recommend having them reassign the page to that person so that person knows they need to review the item. You can send the item back if you think the content needs some adjustment.
  • Approved: After the review process and everything looks good, mark the item as Approved to mark it as final content.
  • Live: This is when the content is already published (either live on a site or in the design mockups, depending on your process). In this state, the content can not be edited further. You will have to send it back to the In Progress state to re-edit the content.

We hope this process helps keep you and your clients clear on the latest content, what is approved, and what is locked in place. If you have any ideas on how this can be improved, feel free to contact us!

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