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What is GatherKit beta?

GatherKit beta is the version we release to the public to help us improve the overall experience before making it available for paid versions. Beta is completely free until we launch the paid version with more features.

GatherKit beta features include:

  • Collect and manage pages together: Easily assign pages to different people, manage deadlines, and track the approval process to keep your project on track.
  • Align project detail: Hub for all project info, like scope, goals, creative brief, and design inspiration.
  • Organize Media: Organize photos, logos, PDFs, and videos in folders within GatherKit.
  • Manage design links: In your design process, you can add a link (like Figma or Adobe XD) on the page’s hidden tab. In the Design section, GatherKit will pull from the pages you’ve added links to and display it all in one list. Then the client can view designs, edit the content, and give approvals.
  • Invite collaborators: Invite someone to the kit and start working together.
  • Notifications: We will build out the notifications history within each kit so you can keep track of the latest changes.
  • Commenting on pages: Within each page, you can create a comment thread that allows your team to discuss whatever you need.
  • SSO Social logins: Making it easier to log in with Google, Facebook, or other social networks.


Features still in development that you won’t see in beta:

  • Archiving old kits: In the future, you will be able to archive kits. This saves all data for a limited time, depending on your account.
  • Site map builder: Using the pages you already have, we will add a drag-and-drop sitemap builder in the next big push.
  • Revision History: We are currently polishing the revision history on each page, so you will not see this feature yet.

What happens after GatherKit launched?

When we launch the paid app, we will disable “Create New Kits” in beta. However, users can still fully use beta with all kits that they already created in case they are still collaborating with clients. The beta will be fully disabled six months after GatherKit’s launch of its paid version.


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