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How to Easily Organize Photos for Your Big Web Project

How to easily organize photos for your big web project

Organizing photos for your big web project can be difficult and time-consuming. When you need them, it might take hours and you might not even find the one you were looking for. But today, with the right tools and a little time, the process is much easier. Here’s how you can organize photos for your big web project:

  1. Organize by page – Create a good folder structure, named according to each page. Any photo you need for that page can live in one location to make it easier.
  2. Organize by type – If you have a lot of generic photos based around a theme, create a folder per theme. Then, if you ever need more “Smiling Group of People” photos, you know exactly where to look.
  3. Make sure all people’s bio photos are named – It’s a pain to get 20 images of people without knowing who is who. 
  4. Use intuitive and consistent naming structures  Similar to the suggestion above, naming can help later in the process. If you have to do a quick search for something specific, it’s easier to find home-image.jpg rather than image9830.jpg.
  5. Highlight your favorites – Keep your favorites in a safe place or have a unique character in the name to keep them at the top of your lists.
  6. Delete unneeded photos – It’s scary deleting things, but if you have bad, outdated, or blurry images, it’s better to remove them from the options.
  7. Make a separate folder for images ready for web – Keep high-resolution images in one place, and your web-ready images in another. This makes it easy to grab the images you need while building the website.

Organizing your client’s images can be daunting. With GatherKit, you can easily create folders and organize your client’s images directly in their project’s kit. Get GatherKit for free today!



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