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Notion vs. GatherKit: A tale of two free content collection tools

Notion vs GatherKit

Web projects can be daunting. We’ve all experienced the struggle of getting content from our clients. When faced with the challenge of choosing a content management tool, the abundance of options with similar features can be overwhelming. Notion and GatherKit are likely to stand out as strong contenders for content management and collaboration. But how do their feature lists compare?

Collaborate on content
Task assignments
Task deadlines
Organize content hierarchy
Commenting on content
Share with anyone without account
Revision history
Site navigation builder
Collect assets
Inline content
Save project links and notes
1 user, invite up to 10 guests
Free kit up to 2 users
File storage
Up to 5MB
Up to 500MB

A breakdown of the features

Freeform content collaboration

Both online tools use a freeform, “paper-like” content collection area, reducing distractions and allowing the project manager to set up whatever content flow they want. This starts the content writing process much faster, but it can get out of hand if the client likes to ramble in their copy.

GatherKit freeform content

Tracking content approvals

The most challenging aspect of compiling a lot of content is maintaining the status of your content. Notion doesn’t have a clear way to visually track approvals, except through applying icons to each page. GatherKit has a very set process of tracked approvals (but may build custom workflows in the future!)

GatherKit approval process

Assign pages and due dates

GatherKit makes it clear to the team which roles they are assigned and which pages have specific deadlines. Project managers can use these features to invite collaborators, assign work, and track progress. The platforms will send notifications to contributors as you progress through your workflow. Notion can’t assign pages to certain users, outside of tagging someone in the comments.

GatherKit assign page

Revision history and archived kits

With each step in the approvals, get unique versions to keep track of changes between you and your clients. Both resources also have access to history logs so you can reset to an earlier stage. GatherKit offers 1-month archived projects for the free plan, so you can have plenty of time to back up and upgrade.

GatherKit version control

Site navigation builder

Because GatherKit is built for web projects, you can create custom navigation structures and track approvals. As you plan your pages in the Navigation Builder, the pages are automatically created and ready for you to add content. Notion currently doesn’t have this feature outside of its usual page-building features.

GatherKit navigation builder

Ready to get started?

While Notion may be a better fit for simple, small projects, consider using the easy-to-use app for multiple collaborators involved, such as GatherKit. GatherKit is a free content management tool for agencies and freelancers, helping make web projects organized and stress-free. Create your account today!


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