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Frequently Asked Questions

You can create as many kits as you want for free. If you need more pages, features, or users, you can always upgrade the kit. The pricing only increases on that kit, so you can always control the features you need with the budget you have.

All paid kits can be archived which will stop all billing on that kit. If you archive, you can always download the kit but you can’t edit anything.

Archived kits are automatically deleted after a time. Free Kits cannot be archived, only deleted. Simple kits are archived for 3 months, and professional kits remain in your archived list for up to a year. You can always download the packaged kit to keep it in your own backups.

That’s up to you. Everyone manages their web development process differently. We built this to be flexible for all web developers serving all industries. We offer it as a completely free content management tool for agencies and freelancers so you have the freedom to test the tool with real clients and discover if it is valuable for your projects. (If not, we won’t be offended.)

We’ve tried many tools but never found an “all-in-one” solution. We are web designers and developers ourselves, so we know the pain in managing the content collection process with a client. Our goal is to help you create a smooth onboarding process so you can spend more time being creative and growing your business. 

Have more questions? Check out our documentation.

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