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Welcome to the World, GatherKit

Welcome to the World, GatherKit!

Today we are launching our very first iteration of a content collection site called GatherKit. It is a simple content gathering and asset gathering SAAS web tool for small web development agencies and freelance web developers who want to up their game without becoming a project manager.

Your client is hiring you as a professional to help them through the web development process. GatherKit saves you time, prevents headaches, and helps present yourself as the smooth web expert you are.



Some of the features of GatherKit are:

  • Visual Site Map Builder. Plan where your pages live in the main navigation, footer navigation, and more. Plus, your client can give you the approval when everything looks perfect.

  • Collect page content. Collecting content through various emails, shared documents, and unorganized folders can get chaotic quickly. Collaborate, comment, assign, and plan URL slugs easily.

  • Collect media & documents. No more photos floating in email attachments. Gather photos, logos, and documents without worrying about managing sharing permissions or losing files.

  • Collaborate with your team & clients. Invite your team members and your clients into the process. Assign content, monitor due dates, and comment on content to keep the process moving forward.

  • Align on project details. GatherKit has dedicated sections for the web project’s scope of work, project goals, codes, plugin snippets, and creative briefs to keep everyone on the same page.

GatherKit can be used for any project, big or small. It’s 100% free with no contract or commitment. Try GatherKit today and see how it can improve your content gathering process.


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Sep 30, 2023
4 Minutes Read
Sep 30, 2023
4 Minutes Read

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