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Why GatherKit is Better for Clients

Gatherkit for clients

GatherKit is an online resource that makes content gathering easier and faster for clients, freelancers, and web development agencies. It helps clients (who want to provide their content) collaborate with the experts they hired (you) to stay on track and get through the content gathering process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Eight benefits GatherKit for clients:

1. Everything is in one place.

Avoid those messy email chains with home-content-LATEST-FINAL-ABSOLUTELYFINAL.doc. GatherKit keeps all page content, hosting passwords, plugin code snippets, social media handles, images, PDFs, documents, and even the sitemap, in an organized place.

2. Your client doesn’t have to juggle many logins.

They need to save just one to manage everything they need for the web project.

3. Your client only sees what you want them to see.

You don’t need to worry about them seeing how the sausage is made. You can present an organized hub to them while managing your tasks or team privately.

4. Their tasks are clear to them.

Don’t overwhelm clients with complex project management tools or complicated timelines. They can easily log in to GatherKit to see what is assigned to them.

5. Approvals are clear.

With each page and design, the client can easily see the project’s progress. GatherKit also tracks approvals, so you know when the client is 100% happy with their content.

6. Prevent the clients from getting frustrated and protects you from miscommunication.

You don’t have to hear, “No, that’s not the latest content I sent you,” again.

7. Allow for discussions.

Web development is a process. GatherKit allows the team to hold conversations, review old versions, and approve content once everyone is satisfied.

8. Your client can rest easy.

They hired you as a professional to help lead them in this project. When they see you have a good process in place, they can rest easy, knowing the project will run smoothly.

GatherKit can be used for any project, big or small. It’s 100% free with no contract or commitment. Try GatherKit today and see how it can improve your content gathering process.


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Sep 30, 2023
4 Minutes Read
Sep 30, 2023
4 Minutes Read

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